35 Incredibly Cool Kitchen Gadgets That Will Make Any Kitchen Guru Happy


I personally love kitchen gadgets and it just seems like more and more come out every year and they just keep getting better. Kitchen gadgets are meant to make your life a little easier in the kitchen or they can simply be a novelty item that will add a creative touch like a ‘Mr. Tea Infuser’.

Any of these 35 kitchen gadgets make a perfect gift for the foodie on your list or for yourself! Whether you’re looking to reduce your prep time in the kitchen or simply want something cute, some of these items should fit the bill. If you want to easily buy any of these items, we included links to each item.

1) Sparrow Salad Bowl and Serving Spoons Kitchen Gadgets

This beautiful salad bowl is made of durable plastic and is BPA-free. Get it on Amazon.


2) Karoto – Vegetable Sharpener & Peeler Kitchen Gadgets

This unique vegetable peeler and sharpener lets you create fun carrot, cucumber, and zucchini shavings to your salad. Fun kitchen gadgets like this are perfect for any slender vegetable such as courgettes, parsnips, and so many more vegetables. Get it on Amazon.


3) Chef’n Flexicado Slicer and Peeler Kitchen Gadgets

If you want to make slicing avocados a little easier, this kitchen gadget with plastic blades will enable you to create even and smooth avocado slices every single time. Get it on Amazon.


4) Oven Pull Kitchen Gadgets

Handy little kitchen gadgets that can take the heat! Use this cute oven pull to safely pull or push hot bakeware and oven racks closer. Made from heat-resistant silicone, it can stand up to temperatures up to 280-Celisus/536-Farenheit. Get it on Amazon.


5) Open Sesame Bagel Slicer Kitchen Gadgets

Check it out: Open Sesame Bagel Slicer


6) Breadsaw Kitchen Gadgets

Check it out: Breadsaw


7) Engraved Heart Cookie Stamp Kitchen Gadgets

Check it out: Engraved cookie stamp – heart


8) SALT + MAGIC Salt and Pepper Shakers Kitchen Gadgets

These wand-shaped shakers made of ABS plastic are a fun way to pass the salt and pepper around the table. This fun kitchen gadget dispenses salt or pepper with a wave of the wand! Get it on Amazon.


9) PASTASAURUS Pasta Server Kitchen Gadgets

Make dinner fun with this dinosaur-shaped pasta server featuring a dinosaur-shaped head with pasta-snagging teeth! Kids will love this kitchen gadget as it drains liquid away from your pasta with holes representing the eyes and nostrils. Get it on Amazon.


10) Hotman Hot Pot Trivet Kitchen Gadgets


When things get hot and steamy in the kitchen, let kitchen gadgets handle it like this flat little Hotman Hot Pot Trivet that protects your table top. His non-stick steel arms and legs are at just the right angle to hold your pots safely. Get it on Amazon.


11) STEAM SHIP Silicone Steaming Lid Kitchen Gadgets

This steamship steam lid is constructed from heavy duty silicone and proves that kitchen gadgets can combine fun AND functionality. Get it on Amazon.


12) Flower Power Steam Releaser Kitchen Gadgets

A cheerful way to keep the lid of the pot open so steam can vent. Just place Flower Power kitchen gadgets on the edge of the pot and watch its flower petals spin occasionally. Get it on Amazon.


13) Knife Block Kitchen Gadgets

Check it out: Spartan Knife Block – Handmade Premium Birch – Holds Your 6 Knives, Solid, Heavy, Magnetic Steel Holder

There is also a steak knife set!: Spartan Steak Knife Set – Carnivore’s Edition – Handmade, 10-Piece, Professional Steak Knife Set


14) “Manatea” Tea Infuser Kitchen Gadgets

This 100% BPA-free MANATEA Silicone Tea Infuser is made of soft, food-safe and tasteless silicone that helps save waste and adds a little fun to tea time. Get it on Amazon.


15) Bogeyman Egg Separator Jug Kitchen Gadgets

This handy kitchen gadget lets you crack eggs into the top and gently tilt the Bogeyman Egg Separator forward over a bowl to release the egg whites from the yolk. Get it on Amazon.


16) BRAIN FREEZE Ice Tray Kitchen Gadgets

These brain-shaped ice cubes will give party guests something to giggle about. Each durable silicone tray makes 4 ice cubes at a time. Get it on Amazon.


17) COQ AU VIN Wine Bottle Stopper Kitchen Gadgets

This fun wine, soda or beer bottle stopper is modeled after a rubber chicken. Hilarious kitchen gadgets like this one are sure to give your dinner guests something to “squawk” about. Get it on Amazon.


18) Snow Globe Salt and Pepper Shakers Kitchen Gadgets

Reach for these un”bear”ably adorable companions to add just the right amount of salt and pepper to the pot. These adorable kitchen gadgets made from sturdy plastic feature a polar bear and black bear, encapsulated in a snow globe and ready to season your dishes. Get it from Amazon.


19) COLD FINGERS Mitten Ice Tongs Kitchen Gadgets

Kitchen gadgets that provide the most fun you’ll have with ice tongs for retrieving ice during your next party. Made from stainless steel and pure silicone, these mitten ice tongs are perfect for any party or occasion where all you need is a little more fun! Get it from Amazon.


20) Beer Goggle Kitchen Gadgets

Make sure your guests keep an eye (or two) on their drinks with any of these 6 colorful beer goggles bottle bands. Keep the party cool by allowing guests to easily identify their drinks with these ridiculously attractive kitchen gadgets made from BPA-free and dishwasher safe plastic. Get it from Amazon.


21) Unicorn Sprinkles Shaker Kitchen Gadgets

Made of ceramic, Sprinkles the unicorn will help you decorate your cupcakes and cookies and add a dash of fun. Get it from Amazon.


22) RSVP Herb Scissors Kitchen Gadgets

These multipurpose kitchen shears feature five blades and come with a cover and a cleaning comb. Say good-bye to tedious chopping and cutting by snipping herbs and other items without the hassle of using knives. It is so easy to use and even easier to clean up. Get it from Amazon.


23) Pizza Scissors / Spatula – Cut n Serve Kitchen Gadgets

Serve pizza with ease with these cut n’ serve pizza scissors. It features a unique design with a removable BPA-free spatula attached to sharp 11-inch scissors made of high-quality stainless steel. Get it from Amazon.


24) “Sharky” Stainless Steel Loose Tea Infuser Kitchen Gadgets



This shark fin tea infuser is so “jawsome” that it can be used in a cup, mug or pitcher. Just fill with your favorite loose tea and then let it swim around the cup while it releases your tea in a clever and funny manner. Get it from Amazon.


25) Splash Cutting Board and Spoon Rest Kitchen Gadgets

Mustard Cutting Chopping Board Worktop Saver – Red Splash. Get it from Amazon.

Mustard Spoon Rest Holder – Red Splash. Get it from Amazon.


26) MUFFIN TOPS Baking Cups Kitchen Gadgets


We’ve all seen the “muffin top” look but never like this! These adorable jean-style cupcake pants are filled with your favorite cake batter and develop that little extra bulge around the middle when they cook. Get it from Amazon.


27) Personalized Laser Engraved Rolling Pins Kitchen Gadgets

35 Kitchen Gadgets To Make Any Kitchen Guru Happy - Personalized Laser Engraved Rolling Pins.

etsy.com / ValekRollingPins

Check it out: Personalized Laser Engraved Valek Rolling Pins


28) Shark Sushi Plate Kitchen Gadgets

35 Kitchen Gadgets To Make Any Kitchen Guru Happy - Shark Sushi Plate.

Etsy.com / aviceramics

These original shark sushi plates went viral and were a hit! If the original Shark Sushi Plate is not available from AviCeramics, there is a similar item (Shark Attack Hand-Painted Ceramic Sushi Serving Platter) available from Amazon . Get it from Amazon.


29) Egg-A-Matic Skull Egg Mold Kitchen Gadgets


This EGG-A-MATIC Skull Egg Mold from Fred and Friends  is sure to make breakfast scary fun! It takes an ordinary boiled egg and sculpts it into an eerie white skull that you can use to scare your friends at lunch with! Get it from Amazon.


30) DEEP TEA DIVER Silicone Tea Infuser Kitchen Gadgets

This 100% BPA-free DEEP TEA DIVER Silicone Tea Infuser is made of soft, food-safe and tasteless silicone that helps save waste. The stainless steel “air tank” serves as a counterweight for the infuser and adds a little fun to tea time. Get it from Amazon.


31) MR TEA Tea Infuser Kitchen Gadgets


This 100% BPA-free DEEP TEA DIVER Silicone Tea Infuser by Fred and Friends is made of soft, food-safe and tasteless silicone that helps save waste. It perches on the rim of your tea cup so you don’t have to worry about fishing it out and adds a little fun to tea time. Get it from Amazon.


32) Jaws Knife Sharpener Kitchen Gadgets

Sharpen your knife with the help of a great white shark! Get it from Amazon. If out of stock, there is a similar item available from Amazon.


33) COOL JEWELS Diamond Ice Tray Kitchen Gadgets

We all know diamonds are a girl’s best friends and these COOL JEWELS ice cubes are sure to also be a girl’s best friend. Fill the food-grade flexible ice tray with water or any kind of juice, and freeze! Get it from Amazon.


34) “Jumbo the Elephant” Cutlery Drainer Kitchen Gadgets

This Jumbo the elephant cutlery drainer by Peleg Design will be more than happy to drain all excess water from your wet cutlery straight into the sink. Get it from Amazon.


35) Last but the not least of the coolest kitchen gadgets, the Nessie Ladle!


The original Nessie ladle by ototo has feet to keep it upright in pots and is made from 100% nylon. Don’t be fooled by imitators, this is the original Nessie ladle. Get it from Amazon.

H/t: EarthPorm

These kitchen gadgets are great and can be a real conversation starter in the kitchen. Please share these unique kitchen gadgets with your friends and family.

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