13 Most Beautiful Showers in the World

I am so glad to have been born in a time where showers and household plumbing are commonplace but also feel very lucky because not everybody in the world has the privilege of having running water. These 13 showers are not your average shower installation and if you can afford any of them, they will make your time in the shower that more relaxing and enjoyable.

The frugality side will question whether you need to have so much hot water flowing out of so many shower heads (some of them have up to 8 or more) but again if your water bill is not a problem, these beautiful showers will be worth every penny.

1) This shower features heat-sensitive tiles that change colors.


2) Rainfall shower with neon lights.


3) This shower has a door leading to the wilderness.


4) The future of beautiful showers. I can’t even tell if it uses water?


5) As Tim “the toolman” from the TV series Home Improvement would say, “More Power!”


6) Perfect for when you feel like laying down in the shower.


7) The water streams right out of the ceiling. Yes, the water streams right out of the ceiling!!


8) A shower room with a calming zen style.


9) A beautiful tub and shower with a gorgeous view.


10) If a shower head won’t do, how about a waterfall?


11) A photoluminescent shower.


12) When you don’t feel like showering alone.


 13) It sprays from all directions so you probably don’t even need to move.

H/t: A+

After seeing these beautiful showers, I won’t be able to look at my tiny little shower the same way again! Please share some of the world’s most beautiful showers with your friends and family.

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