A Mother Gets the Surprise of Her Life for Christmas and It Will Warm Your Heart

Airman Surprises His Family With Homecoming for the Holidays.

Our brave men and women in the military who serve and protect our country are often away from their families for months at a time. It always warms your heart to see soldiers coming home; however, it’s especially special when they come home for the holidays to spend time with their family.

When Chelsey Stanton’s brother left for the military for basic training last April, her family didn’t know when and if her brother would be coming home for Christmas. When he surprises his parents in an emotional homecoming, their reaction is so genuine and heartwarming.

Watch this Airman’s surprise homecoming…


According to Stanton, “Unfortunately my brother will have to go to Florida on the 18th and will not be home for Christmas.” It was an early Christmas gift for these wonderful parents and it’s still great that they got to spend time with their son before Christmas! Please share this sweet surprise homecoming when an Airman surprises his parents before Christmas with your friends and family.

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