This Family Doesn’t Send Holiday Cards. They Create Epic Christmas Dance Videos Instead!

The Christmas season is about spending time with family and friends and one Utah family does something epic every year. In 2012, the Orgill family created a spectacular choreographed Christmas dance video in lieu of sending Christmas cards and their video quickly went viral.

Family Dances to Pentatonix and Mariah Carey in Christmas Dance VIdeo

Since then, the family of 8 kids has created a hilarious and impressive Christmas dance performance every single year. As expected, they crush it again for 2016 and raise the bar with their new Christmas dance video. For this year’s Christmas video, they danced to Pentatonix and Mariah Carey and even threw in a special mannequin challenge for good measure.

Watch an incredible 2016 Christmas Dance with the Orgill family…


The mannequin challenge was the video trend for 2016 and I loved how they seamlessly incorporated it in their video. Merry Christmas to this amazing family of eight!

Here are some of our favorite YouTube comments from the video, “Christmas Dance 2016 with 8 Siblings – Mariah Carey & Pentatonix” by slamminammon:

  1. “You guys never disappoint! I always look forward to this!!!!” – Michelle Vlogs
  2. “That tall guy is always so over the top and excited…lol.” – Ryan Je
  3. “Me and my sisters/brothers would end up just fighting & arguing if we tried to do this xD.” – Overwatch Plays
  4. “Holy crap I want to be part of this family. They look like they have a lot of fun.” – Mysteria Kiito
  5. “I just watched the 2019 Xmas video and I had to subscribe to the channel after watching some more of the previous videos of this family. they should absolutely go on Ellen DeGeneres for her Xmas shows. Absolutely talented people. keep up the good work and many blessings.” – Leslie Horner
  6. “Love it! Looks like they have a great family tradition going on, fun, and lots of wonderful memories!” – Marlene Evans

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