Did You Know a Tape Measure Has 4 Neat Features to Make Measuring a Little Easier?

Today I Learned Tape Measures Have These 4 Handy Features.

If you’re working on a DIY or home improvement project, it always helps to have essential tools like a hammer, screwdrivers, a saw, and a measuring tape. Your trusty measuring tape has several features to make the tasks of taking accurate measurements a little easier.

If you look at a measuring tape closely, you may notice several features; however, do you know what their uses are for? Leah from See Jane Drill demonstrates 4 neat built-in functions available on every tape measure. Using these functions make any measurement job easier and more accurate.  In fact, It doesn’t matter what type of tape measure you have, plastic or metal, these measuring tape life hacks will help you.

Learn 4 helpful ways to use your tape measure with these tape measure tricks…


I have been using tape measures my entire life and didn’t realize they had so many features. These measuring tape tips are useful and I will take advantage of them from now on! Please share these 4 helpful tape measure tricks with your friends and family.

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