A Cow Cries as She Is Loaded into a Trailer. She Feared the Worst but Where They Brought Her Made Me Smile.

Crying Cow Is Saved from Slaughter After Dairy Farm Closes.

If you have ever heard a cow crying such as when this loving cow was separated from her calf, it’s enough to make you break down. I believe that all animals feel emotions such as happiness but they also can feel pain and sadness just as we do.

Emma the cow had to be loaded onto a trailer because the dairy farm where she lived had to shut down and that usually means they are sent to slaughter. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case because Emma was rescued by the Kuhrettung Rhein-Berg sanctuary and was placed at a farm sanctuary. Watch her reaction as she realizes she has a new home and is surrounded by other cows that were rescued like she was.


Emma now can live in peace for the rest of her life knowing she will be safe and in the company of friends. Please share this heartwarming story of Emma the cow being rescued after years on a dairy farm with your friends and family.

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