2 Cats Jump on the Ledge at the Same Time. Then THIS Happens! LOL!

Any cat owners know that cats are as nimble as little ninjas and they can leap anywhere with ease. Even when falling or jumping in unison, cats make it look so easy and always land on their feet.

2 Cats Hilariously Land on Each Other as They Jump In Unison Onto a Ledge.

When two cats decided to jump in unison on the same ledge, it didn’t go as smoothly as they would have hoped. In fact, it seems like they can’t comprehend what just happened and are trying to figure out a smooth way of getting out of this hilarious predicament!

Watch what happens when two cats jump in unison on a ledge…


I must admit, these cats still handled it pretty gracefully as they jumped in unison and didn’t seem angry with each other at all!

Here are some of our favorite YouTube comments from the video, “Cats Jump in Unison, Amazingly Land on Top of Eachother | 4K” by Tom & Mimi:

  1. “The end was so awkward. The one on top of the other one is just like ‘Um… I’ll just… get off of you now. Yeah…'” – Leah
  2. “They looked so confused after they got on top of the brick wall 😂” – Juwairiyah
  3. “I saw the lions do this in Voltron. We’re gonna need three more to form a giant robot” – Dracodracarys 233
  4. “They are attempting to combine into a Megazord.” – tea wrecks
  5. “Took ’em a sec to negotiate the next part!” – Bob the Cat
  6. “Cat: what the hell” – Просто Канал
  7. “Haha!! They even took the exact same route! That’s just crazy~ And how amazing to capture it on film, great job!” – Free Dolphin
  8. “When the black cat leaves the other cat is like wait don’t leave come back.” – Crazy Person
  9. “Great catch with the camera, you have to be quick ready to catch those moments. Very sweet cats! Thanks for posting this. They were very in sync with each other, don’t see that every day.” – SewIsabel

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