Tiny 3-Year-Old Skater Impresses Everyone With Her Jaw-Dropping Talent

I can’t remember what I was doing at three years old. But I do remember not being able to figure skate like a champ with an audience cheering me on. A 3-year-old Russian girl began learning to figure skate when she was only one and the progress she has made is amazing.

Tiny 3-Year-Old Russian Skater Impresses Everyone.

In only two short years, this tiny three-year-old girl skates better than most adults and remember…she’s only three years old! With so much talent at such a young age, I can’t imagine how more amazing she will be when she is old enough to compete professionally.

Watch this 3-year-old Russian figure skating star impress everyone…


I truly hope she continues to skate because I think we may see her on an Olympic podium someday.

Here are some of our favorite YouTube comments from the video, “3-year-old Russian figure skating star” by videox max:

  1. “”She is so CUTE but why was her program 3 minutes long??? She must be extremely tired after that. But I must say the ending was my favorite part.” – Anna Belle
  2. “Anyone hear a line that sounds like “brush my teeth”?” – Kyrsten Bell
  3. “Her doing jumps scared me because I don’t think she’s at that level yet😁” – Lauren Widger
  4. “Aww so cute! And she can skate way better than me!” – ティモティモニ〜
  5. “I can’t even get off the wall XD” – Abby B
  6. “wth she’s so fast!” – Elise Jaffer
  7. “Very good you know for a 3-year-old.” – Denise Horne
  8. “Future Olympian right here.” – Snazzyturtles101
  9. “She’s like an Energizer Bunny lol go go go and smiles all the way.” – nadia looney
  10. “”Loll in the English part of the song I hear it and it sounds like “Yeah I need to brush my key”😂” – Happy Gamer Cupcakes – Gaming and more!

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