If You Think This Giant Rose Cake Looks Awesome, Wait Until You See the Inside…Beautiful!

Giant Rose Cake Tutorial - How to Make a Giant Sculpted Rose Cake That Is Simply Beautiful.

If you purchase a birthday cake from a pastry shop or your local grocer, chances are it will be decorated with a few flowers made from frosting. Cake guru Vanessa from Cake Style has several video tutorials for making cakes with decorative flowers; however, it is her rose cake that really caught my attention!

She created a beautiful dessert that is essentially a HUGE red rose with rose petals made from chocolate. Just like this giant Peeps cake, this beautiful rose cake is meant to be the showcase dessert for any event. This beautiful cake will definitely get a positive reaction from hungry guests. If you are not a fan of fondant, the molding chocolate she uses creates the same effect of using fondant but with the luscious taste of chocolate instead.

Watch how to create this beautiful giant flower cake…


This is definitely one cake that not only looks incredible but tastes incredible too! Please share this awesome tutorial for creating a beautiful cake shaped like a pink rose with your friends and family.

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