Parents Catch Their 2-Year-Old Singing THIS on the Baby Monitor. The Force Is Strong with This One!

2-Year-Old Sings Star Wars' Imperial March Theme in His Crib.

When George Lucas released Star Wars in 1977, he probably never imagined his ‘space opera’ would be popular, if not more so, nearly 40 years later. It captured the imagination of kids and adults alike and the same is happening today with new episodes.

One 2-year-old toddler enjoyed his first experience watching Star Wars with his dad so much that he couldn’t get the movie’s musical score out of his head. In fact, when his parents put him to sleep, they heard their son humming the Imperial March theme from the movie and even the opening theme on the baby monitor!

Watch this toddler singing Star Wars’ Imperial March theme…


The Imperial March theme that usually precedes scenes where Darth Vader enters is catchy. Just as catchy is the opening theme! Just like Jimmy Fallon and the cast of Star Wars singing a Star Wars medley, this new Star Wars fan also likes to hum the Star Wars theme as well!

Watch him also sing the main Star Wars theme…


His father Jonathan Liu watched Star Wars with his son and he probably never expected he would become a fan so quickly! Please share this 2-year-old toddler singing the Imperial March before going to bed with your friends and family.

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