26 Funny Office Pranks That Are Anything but Subtle

Working in an office has its perks and one of them is spending the day with people who sometimes turn out to be great friends. And one thing that friends do to each other is pulling pranks and doing so at the office sure could brighten up a long day.

Office pranks like these are pretty much a given on April Fool’s Day but work pranks are perfect anytime since your colleagues won’t expect it. Here are 26 funny office pranks that are hilarious and anything but subtle.

1) Posting that horrible school photo you’ve always dreaded.

2) Who wouldn’t like a desk full of ‘Trolls’.

3) Turning a cubicle into a washroom.

4) Here’s one way to fool that new employee who doesn’t quite know which washroom is which yet.

5) An office fort. Nice touch with the horse!

6) The kittens of the internet.

7) Who’s in the mood for Cheetos?

8) Home sweet home.

9) For the person who likes things to be shiny!

10) This foil covered cubicle still lets you see the monitor.

26 Funny Office Pranks - This foil covered cubicle still lets you see the monitor.

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11) A winter wonderland complete with skis.

12) Fore!

13) Look at all these Christmas presents!

14) For the co-worker who still loves their old issues of Teen Beat.

15) It’s a Halloween haunted house.

16) Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia keyboard.

17) Hope this employee likes bunnies.

18) For the person who still loves to get their news from print.

19) Who needs to take a vacation? Bring the sunny beaches to your office.

20) Or, bring lots and lots of foam packing peanuts.

21) Who needs a vending machine when you have a cubicle full of Dr. Pepper.

22) Call the exterminator!

23) Replace the hand sanitizer with lubricating jelly. Pretty slick idea! 🙂

24) That is one intricate maze right there.

25) Toilet papering the cubicle.

26) Last but not least, place this sign near the copier and watch people scream out commands for these funny office pranks.

It reads, “As part of our continued campaign to improve your quality of life, Kyocera is proud to announce a new feature that will do just that. This copier is now voice activated. To use this feature, simply approach the machine (not in power saver mode) and say in a clear voice: “Copy”, “Fax” or “Scan” followed by the number of copies needed, the fax number or scan destination. Please bear in mind that this is a new feature that may contain some glitches, but please be patient. In some instances, you may need to repeat your command a few times before the machine responds. Thank you for your patience, and we hope this makes your lives easier.”

Work shouldn’t be boring and performing an office prank once in a while is one way to boost employee morale (or at least, you can tell this to your boss if you get in trouble). Please share these funny office pranks with your friends, family, and especially your work colleagues!

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