25 Funny Tattoo Fails That Are So Bad, They’re Impossible Not to Laugh At!

For the most part, tattoos are permanent so it’s important to pick out something you can live with forever. Some choose artistic tattoos or clever couple tattoos while others make choices that will have you scratching your head. Nothing spells out regret like getting one that has a spelling mistake or doesn’t make sense except for you.

When it comes to finally getting your tattoo, it’s important to find the right tattoo artist and not cheap out on prices either. Quality costs money but the following 25 people with tattoo fails most likely didn’t follow that advice or simply wanted something ridiculous!

1) Math is important. Stay in school!


2) Such a great idea. Not.


3) Waht just happened?

25 Funny Tattoo Fails - Waht just happened?

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“Stay strong no matter wath happens.”


4) “It’s like looking in the mirror,” he said sarcastically.


5) So classy.


6) I see what you did there!


7) Patients is a virtue.


8) This is not the way to rock cornrows…


9) …or eyebrows.


10) Nothing like a shard dressed man.


11) I can’t tell if that wolf is howling or gagging…


12) He must really, really love ‘Lacoste’ clothing.


13) It really does make no sense.


14) That bear is frightening.


15) Never don’t give up!


16) They deserve each other.


17) So much for being the “prom” queen.

“Prome queen.”


18) Keep clams?

“Keep clam and carry on.”


19) Just do it! Wait, don’t do it. Too late.


20) Probably not a good idea to get backyard tattoos for $20.


21) I wonder if Thom Yorke would approve.


22) Permanent glasses. Who doesn’t want that?


23) No matter how much you love someone, getting a tattoo of them is never a good idea. This is what he now thinks of his ex-wife.


24) Even the most diehard Pokemon fans won’t recognize this Charmander.


25) No regerts.

“Your stronger than your think”

What sometimes looks good on paper doesn’t always transfer well to a tattoo! Please share these funny tattoo fails with your friends and family.

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