18 Children School Projects with the Most Inappropriate and Funny Spelling Mistakes

Kids are funny sometimes and they don’t even know it. These creative school projects are something they were proud of but probably didn’t expect that they contained inappropriate words and made their school project hilarious but with an ‘R’ rating. We tried our best to try to guess what they meant but their 18 funny spelling mistakesĀ are priceless nonetheless.

1) Funny spelling mistakes #1: “COME with me to Father’s Day Land?”

2) “I am Buzz Lightyear, I COME in peace?”

3) “CHUMbucket?”

4) “I like hard PENCILS?”

5) “My elephant likes to eat PEANUTS and eat nuts and sit by me?”

6) “I enjoy the BEACH?”

7) “Thank you for the SHIRT?”

8) “I have an ACCOUNT?”

9) “She likes to do MATH?”

10) “I love my WHOLE family?”

11) “I love SANTA?”

12) “My dad is the best COOK ever?”

13) “I am going to be in VIRGINIA?”

14) “HORSES?”

15) “T is for TIGHTS?”

16) “My goat is in a PEN?”

18 Funny Spelling Mistakes - "My goat is in a PEN?"

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17) “I will miss you HOUSE?”

18) “You CAN’T catch me?”

H/t: BoredPanda

While inappropriate, these are funny spelling mistakes and they must have brought a small chuckle to any teacher who had to correct their work. If you enjoyed these, please share with friends and family and don’t miss funny test answers or kids that are way too clever.

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