Hilarious “Cat Lawyer” on Zoom Brings Instant Internet Fame

If there is one piece of software that has been in the spotlight because of COVID-19, it would have to be Zoom. It’s been a learning curve for many people while others are just trying to catch up with new features.

Cat lawyer

Court proceedings during COVID have also gone virtual and when a judge and two attorneys attempted to join in on a Zoom call, one of them was not like the others. In the YouTube video from the Zoom call shows Judge H. Gibbs Bauer and attorney Jerry Phillips going on the call and being greeted by a talking kitten. Meanwhile, lawyer Rod Ponton had a kitten filter enabled but could turn it off.

Watch the cat lawyer in this kitten zoom filter mishap…


Kittens arguably own the internet and now kittens may be the new star in Zoom! Bring on the kitten and cat Zoom filters because I want them all!

Here are some of our favorite YouTube comments from the video, “Kitten Zoom Filter Mishap” by 394th District Court of Texas – Live Stream:

  1. “He sounds terrified about being trapped inside his new cat form.” – Heroes Workshop
  2. “Jerry L. Phillips is slightly amused but H. Gibbs Bauer is having none of this.” – 5MadMovieMakers
  3. “This is the content we need.” – Gorey Bits
  4. “Looks so sad, someone help him.” – Haedox
  5. “The cat expressions fit exactly for the situation.” – LEE PAGE
  6. “Jarry L. Phillips is unbothered.” – Khadija Mbowe
  7. “‘I’m not a cat 🐱’ idk sounds like something a cat would say.” – JcStudi0s
  8. “Absolutely incredible.” – Travis Gafford
  9. “I love how he says ‘I’m not a cat’ thinking he’s got to clarify….Just in case πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚” – FPV FLYER
  10. “The judge is so calm…like this happens in his court every day. I’d be laughing so hard I’d have to call a recess to get myself back together.” – Queen BunnyFooFoo

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