14 Heart Cakes to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Heart cakes are the perfect dessert for Valentine’s Day. They’re even more special when made at home using quality ingredients and lots of love. Generally, all you need is a square pan and round pan to easily create a heart-shaped cake, but the following recipes provide even more inspiration. Here are 14 heart cakes to celebrate with your special someone on Valentine’s Day. Enjoy!

1) Sweet Heart Cake

Sweet Heart Cake.

Not only does this cake have a delectable almond flavor and a sweet raspberry filling, it is perfect to serve for Valentine’s Day. Get the recipe.

2) Conversation Cake

Conversation Heart Cake.

What’s better than conversation hearts? A giant conversation heart cake, of course! A delicious cake covered in homemade marshmallow fondant for a super sweet finish to your Valentine’s Day meal! Get the recipe.

3) Heart Shaped Cookie For Valentine’s Day

Heart Shaped Cookie Cake For Valentine's Day.

This Heart Shaped Cookie Cake recipe is perfect is not only a great idea for Valentine’s Day, but it’s also great any time of year. Birthdays, Mother’s Day, or whenever you want to make someone smile. Get the recipe.

4) Strawberry Heart Cake

Strawberry Heart Cake.

Sure, you can get a boxed strawberry cake mix with artificial strawberry flavors but why not use real strawberries instead? Get a white cake mix and fold the berries right into the batter and create this amazing cake! Get the recipe.

5) Raspberry-Filled Heart Cake

Raspberry-Filled Heart Cake

If you thought making a heart cake was difficult, the following recipe proves just how easy it is. All you need is a square and round cake pan to create a heart shape. Follow the step-by-step directions and diagram to create this Valentine’s Day cake from Betty Crocker. Get the recipe.

6) Fresh Strawberry Heart Cake

Fresh Strawberry Heart Cake.

A fresh strawberry cake shaped like a loving heart and covered in a deliciously creamy strawberry frosting makes for one amazing Valentine’s Day dessert! Get the recipe.

7) How to make a heart-shaped cake.

How to make a heart-shaped cake.

If you’ve never tried a red velvet cake recipe, then a heart cake is the perfect reason to try one. It’s one of the most popular cake flavors for Valentine’s Day and this recipe checks all the boxes for a perfect cake. Get the recipe.

8) Heart-Shaped Cake

Heart-Shaped Cake.

Another great red velvet cake recipe that also features one of my personal favorite frostings, cream cheese frosting! Get the recipe.

9) Homemade Heart Cake

Homemade Heart Cake.

Don’t worry if you’re reading this on Valentine’s Day, there is still time to make a terrific cake to celebrate! This adorable heart cake can be prepared, baked, and assembled in about 1 hour so there is still time! How great is that? Get the recipe.

10) Valentine’s Day Mirror Glaze Heart

Valentine's Day Mirror Glaze Heart

The following Mousse cake made in a heart-shaped mold takes time to create but is definitely worth the effort. Covered in a beautiful red mirror glaze, it’s a Valentine’s Day cake like no other. Get the recipe.

11) Surprise Raspberry Heart Cake

Surprise Raspberry Heart Cake.

Unlike traditional heart shaped cakes, this loaf cake features a heart-shaped surprise inside. Get ready for some compliments. Get the recipe.

12) Hidden Heart Valentine’s Pound Cake

Hidden Heart Valentine's Pound Cake.

A Valentine’s Day Chocolate pound cake that displays a beautiful heart in every slice! Get the recipe.

13) Valentine’s Heart Cake

Valentine's Heart Cake.

Another delicious pound cake with a heart in the center!  Get the recipe.

14) Strawberry Conversation Cake

Strawberry Conversation Heart Cake.

If you prefer Conversation Heart Cakes, you don’t want to miss this recipe. It’s delicious and features the luscious flavors of fresh strawberries (but you can use frozen berries too)! Get the recipe.

Nothing says “I love you” more than getting a gift or handmade craft from someone you love on Valentine’s Day.

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