They Tasted 3 Cakes Priced at $27, $48, and $1,120. The One They Liked Best Might Surprise You!

Steven & Andrew of Worth It Sample Cakes ranging from $27 to $1,120!

Growing up, my mom always served dessert after dinner but dinner was going to be special when you smelled a cake baking in the oven. Today, you can buy freshly-made cakes at nearly any grocer; however, none are as extravagant as one of the cakes sampled by Steven and Andrew during their season finale of BuzzFeed’s ‘Worth It.’

First they sample a Milk ‘n Berries cake from Porto’s bakery which is a sponge cake with très leches, fresh berries, and whipped cream. while the cake looks heavenly, they are tantalized soon after by a Chocolate Espresso cake from Proof Bakery which is a devil’s food cake with rich espresso buttercream frosting covered with milk chocolate crémeux. The final decadence is a $1,120 custom celebration cake by the Bottega Louie bakery and it looks too pretty too eat!

Watch Steven and Andrew sample cakes ranging in price from $27 to $1,120…


I personally have never even seen a $1,120 and can’t imagine how great it would taste. Please share this taste test review of 3 scrumptious cakes by Andrew and Steven from ‘Worth It’ with your friends and family.

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