Woman Gets Pulled Over by the Police. The Reason She Does Will Warm Your Heart!

Woman Gets Pulled over by Her Police Dad to Ensure She's Alright.

Police officers put their lives on the line every single day to ensure our safety. While getting pulled over by a police officer is never a great moment, it’s usually because of a good reason. Especially, when police officers pull you over to give you Christmas presents!

One woman gets pulled over by a police officer she doesn’t seem too thrilled about it at first. While she didn’t get Christmas presents, what she received is just as sweet. When she asks the officer why she was pulled over, his response will make you smile.

Watch this woman getting pulled over by the police for the best reason ever!


While most people aren’t thrilled by the sight of a flashing police car while driving, this woman is used to it. Having a police dad must be great and I’m sure this police officer’s daughter doesn’t get mind getting pulled over.

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