Some People Were Playing Baseball in the Early 80’s. I Then Realized These People Were Comedy Legends.

SCTV Cast and Crew Playing Baseball in Edmonton in 1982.

SCTV was an incredible sketch comedy show that ran from 1976 to 1981 and included a comedic cast like no other. John Candy, Rick Moranis, Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara, Andrea Martin, Dave Thomas, and Joe Flaherty were incredibly talented and still are. John Candy was also an incredible comedian that left us too soon.

In this video recorded by John Candy’s Wife, Rose, the cast and crew of SCTV were having a friendly game of baseball in Edmonton in 1982. It also reminds us how funny John Candy was even when he was just being himself.


All of these comedians are now household names and it was great seeing them nearly 33 years just being themselves. Please share this great video of the SCTV cast and crew playing baseball with your friends and family.

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