Have You Ever Had a Deceased Loved One “Visit” You in a Dream? Here’s What It Means…

Meaning of Visitation Dreams About Deceased Ones by Lauri Moore.

If you lost someone you care about, the opportunity to see them again in our dreams is comforting. These types of dreams are typically called “visitation dreams” but what exactly do they mean?

Lauri Moore, a professional psychic medium, explains what dreams about deceased loved ones actually mean. She also helps us better understand the message or meaning from these types of dreams. Dreams are incredibly powerful and if you don’t find yourself dreaming about loved ones that have passed away, Moore recommends putting a note or photo of our loved ones under our pillow.

Learn the meaning behind visitation dreams about deceased loved ones…


The process of grieving is different for everyone but dreams are just one way that past loved ones use to communicate with us and reassure us that everything will be fine. Please share what “visitation dreams” are and the message they sometimes bring with your friends and family.

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