U.S. Marine Found and Rescued Four Baby Rabbits

A U.S. Marine, Reddit user Tokyomaneater69, was raking a volleyball court at the barracks and looked down to find 4 baby rabbits in a hole next to a dead rabbit who may have been their mother. Just like this squirrel found in a bag of mulch, small animals often get injured when hiding in the grass. The U.S. Marine rescues the cute baby bunnies and each photo will warm your heart!

He grabbed a box and filled it with old shirts to transport the bunnies and keep them warm. The U.S. Marine cared for them and fed them and even gave them special names.

He placed the tiny bunnies in a box with plenty of warm garments to safely transport them home.


After the U.S. Marine rescues cute baby bunnies, he names them Steven, Raymond, James, and Vaughn. He must be a Stevie Ray and Jimmy Vaughn fan!

Little Steven looks so cute 🙂

He is helping them grow big and strong. He fed them four times a day for over 2 months.

Watch how this U.S. Marine rescues cute baby bunnies and feeds them…


H/t: Reddit

That is just beyond cute and a special thanks goes out to this Marine who saved these little bundles of joy. Please share how a U.S. Marine rescues cute baby bunnies from near death with your friends and family.

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