What This Man Found in a Bag of Mulch Is a Miracle

I never realized bags of mulch could contain something so cute but for a Florida man, he got a surprise that he’ll never forget. When emptying his bag of mulch, he came across something strange. It turned out to be a little baby squirrel he found in a bag of mulch and it was all rolled up into a ball.

The fact that it was still alive was a miracle. He named the little guy ‘Zip’ and take a look at his amazing stages of growth in the following images.

A Florida man rescued a live newborn squirrel found in a bag of mulch. He named it ‘Zip.’

Day 3: force feeding Zip to help him grow strong and healthy.

2 weeks: Eating like a champ and growing nicely.

3 weeks: After a good feeding, he would roll up into a ball and take a nap.

4-5 weeks: His eyes slowly started opening for the first time!

6 weeks: Feeling playful and fully aware of his surroundings.

All grown up! He’s really playful and hanging out waiting for a car ride.

This little guy is hungry!

Zip is happy as ever and so thankful to the Florida man who found him in the bag of mulch and helped him grow up into a playful and healthy squirrel.

H/t: Reddit

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