Baby Hedgehog Is Only Days Old but He’s Super Hungry. Just Watch Him Eat!

Baby Hedgehog Is Only Days Old but He's Super Hungry

This is so cute you’ll explode. A tiny baby hedgehog is shown in this video by the United Kingdom-based Wildlife Aid Foundation and he’s adorable while being hand fed. This cute baby hedgehog is as adorable as these cute baby bunnies that also had to be hand fed with a syringe.

According to the video, he is fed a special formula of puppy milk and camomille tea every 90 minutes. He definitely seems to love it! If you look closely, you can count each of his little toes and fingers and they are so incredibly tiny, just like him!

Watch this super cute baby hedgehog being hand fed…


Baby hedgehogs are apparently called hoglets and this little bundle melts my heart. Please share this video of a cute baby hedgehog being hand fed with your friends and family.

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