This Tiny House May Look Small but When You See the inside, You’ll Be Amazed

Many people want large homes but most of the time, all that real estate is unused and we’re left with costly expenses. In urban areas, it’s all about maximizing space.

Kota Mizuishi, an architect at Mizuishi Architect Atelier in Horinouchi, Japan built a 594-square-foot home. While it appears to be a narrow house, it is so well-designed that it allows a family of three to live comfortably. Just like this garage converted into an apartment, it appears small from the outside but when you view the inside, you’ll notice how he transformed every square foot into living space.

Kota Mizuishi built this home on a triangular plot of land.

The small house design features plenty of windows to let natural light in.

From the outside, it appears like a very narrow house…

…But from the inside, you won’t believe the amount of living space there is.

Take a look inside…

The two-story home includes a loft that features a playroom for the kids but it can also be used as a home office.

The loft features high vaulted ceilings which creates a sense of space.

From the kitchen, you get a great view of the loft and the living room.

The living room has windows on both sides which lets natural light enter the room and creates an even greater sense of space.

The bedrooms are an open area but separated from the living area.

Curtains are used to provide privacy in the bedrooms.

The washroom is very impressive with clean lines and it appears spacious.

There are huge sliding windows in the living area that provide access to a small patio.

The kitchen and dining area offers a surprising amount of space and has all the amenities of a standard kitchen.

The loft also offers a great view of the kitchen and dining area.

The floor plans illustrate just how much living space there is.

It’s impressive in a home with such a small footprint.

From a bird’s eye view, you never would imagine how much room this home provides.

This home looks so cozy and is incredibly well-designed.

H/t: LittleThings

This is such a great small house design for a home and hope that other people take advantage of this design. Please share this narrow house that maximizes living space with your friends and family.

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