25 Gadgets You Probably Don’t Need but You Will Want Them Anyways

When it comes to household gadgets, some are extremely useful and some will end up gathering dust and eventually find itself on a table at your next neighborhood yard sale. Regardless of how useful some gadgets are, they are so unique or cute that we want them anyways.

These 25 gadgets most likely fill a need for some people but while we technically could live without it, you’ll probably want them simply because they are awesome and unique.

1) Your own automatic mini donut factory.

Make your own donuts at home with the Automatic Mini Donut Factory.


2) A fan that produces a breeze under your sheets.

Stay cool with this bed fan with a wireless remote!


3) Never lose your drink with these vintage beer goggles.


4) Work in style with a mini foot hammock for your desk.

Put your feet up with this FUUT hammock.


5) Cook meals twice as fast with a compartment frying pan.

Cook two meals at once with Rachael Ray’s Porcelain Enamel II Nonstick 12-Inch Divided Skillet.


6) Turn boiled eggs into fun sport ball shapes.


7) Step into warm and fuzzy heated USB slippers.


8) Make breakfast even more fun with panda toast.


9) Dunk Oreo cookies without getting your fingers wet.

Keep your fingers dry with the Dipr Ultimate Cookie Spoon.


10) Re-string any garment with ease.


11) Hear a soothing guitar strum every time someone enters the room.


12) Safely pull hot bakeware with this devil oven pull.


13) Turn pancakes into works of art with a 3D printer griddle called the PancakeBot.


14) Always have a cold drink on hand with a USB mini fridge.

Keep cans cold in your cubicle or home office with a Mini USB-Powered Fridge Cooler.


15) Lock or unlock your door with your smartphone with Lockitron.


16) Dry kitchen utensils with a unique elephant cutlery drainer.


17) Cast a spell of deliciousness with these salt and pepper wands.

Add some magic to your meals with the SALT+MAGIC Wand Salt and Pepper Shakers.


18) Make decorated cookies with fun shapes.


19) Make “smart” ice with these unique brain ice molds.

Keep drinks cool with the BRAIN FREEZE Ice Tray.


20) Keep your plugs off the floor with the handy plug holders.

Keep all your plugs in place with a 6-pack of wire cord cable drops.


21) Bring cuteness to your cup of tea with a Mana”tea” tea infuser.


22) If you must, use this lotion bottle flask for your favorite drinks on the beach.

If you need a drink, this Sunscreen Bottle Stealth Flask should do the trick!


23) Iron clothes and get dressed with an ironing board that doubles as a mirror.


24) An hilarious “Hot Man” pot holder trivet.

When things get hot in the kitchen, don’t forget to use a Hot Man Trivet!


25) Make perfect warm and chewy soft pretzels and this maker also keeps your cheese dipping sauce warm.

Bake soft pretzels at home with the SuperPretzel Soft Pretzel Maker.

H/t: Dose

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