Balloon Animals Don’t Get Better Than This and Their Amazing Details Will Blow You Way

You may remember the simple balloon animals from birthday parties or when visiting the carnival and how fascinating they were. Even the simplest balloon animals appear difficult to create but one artist in Japan moves balloon art to an entirely new level and his balloon creations are so detailed, they seem to have a life of their own.

25-year-old Masayoshi Matsumoto is possibly the world’s best balloon animal artist and he creates everything from animals to anime to video game characters. To create them, all he uses are his talent and balloons and doesn’t use adhesives or other supplies.

22 Amazing Balloon Animals by Artist Masayoshi Matsumoto:

1) Balloon African Buffalo.

2) Balloon Caterpillar.

3) Balloon Hermit Crab.

4) Balloon Seahorse.

5) Balloon Mayfly.

6) Balloon Jellyfish.

7) Balloon Iguana.

8) Balloon Peacock.

9) Balloon Dinosaur.

10) Balloon Spider.

11) Balloon Tapir.

12) Balloon Mantis.

13) Balloon Flamingo.

14) Balloon Sea Dragon.

15) Balloon Mandrill.

16) Balloon Goat.

17) Balloon Eagle.

18) Balloon Sea Turtle.

19) Balloon Hedgehog.

20) Balloon Rooster.

21) Balloon Owl.

22) Balloon Deer.

H/t: TwistedSifter

I can’t imagine how much practice is needed to be able to create these masterpieces but you can enjoy more of Matsumoto’s work on Facebook and Tumblr. If you enjoyed these, be sure to check out these equally impressive tiny crochet animals. Please share these incredible balloon animals by Masayoshi Matsumoto with your friends and family.

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