25 Clever Test Responses From Kids That Deserve an A+ for Entertaining

If you were like some kids in school, you probably dreaded quiz days and how prepared you were really depended on how much you studied. The following 25 funny test answers were from kids who thought a clever answer was better than a wrong one. Either way, it was the wrong answer but I’m sure the teacher grading the tests had a chuckle.

1) Funny Test Answers: This kid is definitely clever.

2) So close yet so far.

3) I could believe that.

4) That’s a lot of candy bars.

5) You did not support your argument! tsk tsk ­čÖé

6) This kid gets it.

7) Ice is hard, yes.

8) Kid does have a point…

9) You can’t argue with that answer!

10) This is looking like an action movie.

11) It’s not easy being Tony.

12) That was easy.

13) Good topic for a debate.

14) I want to give this kid a high-five.

15) Yeah, that looks about right ­čÖé

16) Calculus worms ate my homework.

17) Clever, but no.

18) Poor plant.

19) Not very nice.

20) Not sure this is the answer the teacher was looking for.

21) Hugh Jackman rocks!

22) Breaking all the rules.

23) This kid is a realist.

24)┬áThat’s radical.

25) Breaking out into song.

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