She Couldn’t Afford Bringing Her Family to Disney World. What Happened 3 Weeks Later Made Me Cry.

Cafeteria Worker Gets Gift to Bring Her Family to DIsney World.

Taylor Zisholtz and Lucy Smith-Williams get a special treat every time they visit the Elon University cafeteria. That special treat is a friendly smile from a cafeteria worker named Kathryn Thompson. One night when the cafeteria wasn’t busy, they decided to talk a little with her and told Kathryn where they were from.

When Kathryn learned Lucy was from Florida, she gave her a huge smile. She asked how long of a drive it was and how much it would cost to take her family of five to Disney World. Realizing she could never afford it anyways, she began to cry. Taylor and Lucy decided to setup a GoFundMe campaign and watch at how their actions brought happiness to Kathryn and her family.

Watch this cafeteria worker getting her dream to bring her family to Disney World…


H/t: Elon News Network

Just like this mom that sews disney costumes for her daughter, Kathryn deserved this so much. Please share how two students and an entire school brought joy to this hardworking cafeteria worker with your friends and family.

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