A Single Mom Said She Couldn’t Pay the Rent. You Won’t Believe What Her Landlord Did to Help Her Out.

Landlord Gives Single Mom Free Rent While Earning Degree.

It can happen to practically anyone. Life is going great and all of a sudden you lose your job and bills start piling up and you are hopelessly trying to catch up. This is what happened to Pearl Zambrano, a single mom with two children. She was laid off from work and found herself in debt with no place to stay.

But everything changed when she bumped into her former landlord, Rafael Trevino, on her birthday and explained what had happened. Once she told him she wanted a better life for her children, Trevino offered her a free apartment on one condition: for her to finish college and get her degree so that she could have a solid career and provide for her and her family in the future.

Fifteen months have passed and Pearl wanted to say thank you by submitting Trevino’s name in a contest by her local news station called ‘Pay it 4Ward’ that rewards people who make a difference in people’s lives. We often hear stories of celebrities performing acts of kindness but there are millions of regular people who pay it forward every single day.

Watch Trevino’s reaction has he gets rewarded for the acts of kindness he does for all of his tenants.


If you believe in karma, you already know those good things will happen to people who go out of their way to help others. Please share how this landlord helped a single mother get a better life for her and children with your friends and family.

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