A “Rock and Roll Couple” Haven’t Cut Their Hair Since 1985. Watch Their Epic Makeover.

Rock and Roll Couple Receive an Epic Makeover on Oprah.

If you were a teenager or adult in the 80’s, you already know that the decade was famous for big hair and made famous by 80s hair metal bands such as RATT or Skid Row. Many people looked like the couple you will see in this video but the only difference is, they have kept the same hairstyles since 1985.

Tim, 43, and Wendy, 39, are the ultimate “Rock and Roll Couple” and they have been married for 12 years but both admit their hairstyles are making them look older than they really are. Neighbors couldn’t stand the way they looked so they sent a request to Oprah to have them featured on a beauty makeover segment on her television program in 2003.

Wendy wasn’t prepared for Disney princess hairstyles but the couple agreed and the transformation is anything but incredible, they look so much younger! Watch how happy they are as they reveal their new look and you won’t believe your eyes.

Watch this couple finally update their ‘rock and roll’ hairstyles on the Oprah Winfrey Show…


When Oprah reached out to the couple several years later after this segment aired, she received devastating news. In 2008, Tim suffered a massive heart attack which was a huge loss for Wendy. To cope with it, she learned to play music and joined Tim’s band and she says it saved her life.

Watch this update on the rock ‘n’ roll hair couple on Oprah’s ‘Where Are They Now’…


It is unfortunate that this love story had to have a sad ending but they renewed their love and shared it with the world. Please share the amazing transformation of a rock and roll couple that were destined to be together with your friends and family.

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