Her 6 Older Brothers Have Just Met Her for the First Time and Their Reaction Is Priceless

Six Older Brothers Welcome Their Newborn Baby Sister.

Cher and Stephen have six adorable young boys; however, when the expecting parents learned their new addition would be a girl, they were overjoyed. The family who lives in Apex, NC, recorded their sons welcoming their new baby sister named Ruby into their lives and it is heartwarming.

The six boys are Jackson, 13, Campbell, 10, Sawyer, 7, Houston, 5, Shepherd, 4, and Knox who is the youngest at 2 years old. But Knox realizes he won’t be the youngest anymore and all of their reactions are priceless.

H/t: The News & Observer

Having a new baby is always exciting. Ruby will have six older brothers and a family that loves her with all their hearts. Please share the heartwarming reaction of these brother’s welcoming their baby sister Ruby with your friends and family.

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