Steve Jobs Was Asked About His Thoughts on Life. His Response Will Surprise You.

Steve Jobs Was Asked About His Thoughts on Life and How to Live It.

There have been millions of entrepreneurs over the years but none have been able to capture our imagination like Steve Jobs. Innovators have said that not since Thomas Edison has there been someone that has shaped our world quite like him and products he developed at Apple have changed how we live our lives.

At an interview in 1995, Steve jobs was asked about his thoughts on life and explained how everything around us was built by people no smarter than you and I. His interview reminds me of a speech by comedian Jim Carrey on how we should follow our dreams instead of choosing a different path out of fear. Watch as how Steve Jobs shares his values and inspires others to help create a better life for us and everyone around us.


Steve Jobs will always be remembered as one of the most brilliant minds of our generation. Please share this inspiring message about life according to Steve Jobs with your friends and family.

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