Her Father Began Walking His Daughter Down the Aisle but What She Did Surprised Everyone

Whenever a bride sings to her groom or a groom sings to his bride, it’s enough to bring everyone to tears because it adds something special to an already joyous moment of two people getting married. This time, a wedding bride sings “You Raise Me Up” as her father walks her down the aisle.

Maria Sings "You Raise Me Up" to Her Groom Ronny as She Walks Down the Aisle in Alesund Church.

The wedding bride, Maria, begins singing “You Raise Me Up” to her groom Ronny as she walks down the aisle. He is so touched, it brings him to tears. But when her father joins her, it becomes a beautiful duet that touches your heart.

Watch this wedding bride sing “You Raise Me Up” to her groom as she walks down the aisle in Alesund Church…


This Norwegian wedding in the beautiful Alesund Church looked like a fairy tale wedding.

Here are some of my favorite YouTube comments from the video, “Maria & Ronny Got Married, “The Surprise” – Ålesund Church – Norway (HD)” by PETTERSEN MEDIEPRODUKSJON:

  1. “This brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful…” – Laverne Van Wyk
  2. “This was so wonderful…was crying all the way through it, God bless them both, for a very happy marriage xxx.” – Christine Preston
  3. “I found this incredibly moving…what better way to express love than to sing…may every happiness be theirs forever.” – Peace Child
  4. “‘You Raise Me Up’ is such an inspirational song. Maria has a lovely voice and did a great job. She was a beautiful bride. May the couple have a long and happy life.” – beawild
  5. “Beautiful singing voice, and a very touching declaration of love and commitment to her new husband. In these dark times, we all need to be reminded of the positive values our European ancestors have bequeathed to us over the centuries. I wish Maria and Ronny much happiness in their new life together…” – Tony Mc Guinness

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