A Dancer Walked into the Stadium with Her Dog and What She Did Next Amazed the Entire Crowd

Sandra and Lizzy Perform Amazing Dogdance Freestyle at OEC 2014.

If you had to choose a handful of events that were guaranteed to make your jaw drop, one of them would have to be dog dance freestyle events. Sandra Roth and her Border Collie named Lizzy are an incredible pair. They performed an incredible dog dance freestyle routine at the 2014 Open European Championships in Germany.

Sandra chose the song “The Last Unicorn” and their performance is one of the most incredible things you will ever see. Sandra is an accomplished ballerina and she has trained one of the most intelligent dance partners ever. Border Collies are a breed that is renowned for their intelligence and obedience and Lizzy is simply amazing.

Watch this Dog Dance Freestyle performance by Sandra and her Border Collie named Lizzy…


You could hear the audience gasp during their routines because they are simply amazed and delighted with their performance. Please share this unbelievable dog dance freestyle performance by Sandra and her dog Lizzy with your friends and family.

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