It Was Feeding Time for This Turtle and Crested Parrot but Watch What the Parrot Does! Hilarious!

Parrot Goes Nuts After Seeing Turtle's Reflection in Mirror.

Animals generally don’t get a chance to see themselves in the mirror; however, when they do, the results can be hilarious! In this video, a turtle eats a piece of lettuce until his friend the parrot notices something in the mirror.

The adorable parrot sees a reflection in the mirror and thinks that he has found another turtle friend! Next, he simply goes nuts with excitement. He paces nervously back and forth in such a manic way that you can’t help yourself from laughing at his silly and entertaining actions.

Watch this parrot losing it after seeing the turtle’s reflection in the mirror…


It is so adorable to watch this parrot react to him finding a new friend! It’s also just as adorable to watch the turtle calmly eating his lettuce and not preoccupied with the excited parrot. If you enjoyed this video, don’t miss this adorable kitten’s reaction after seeing himself in the mirror.

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