Adorable Golden Retriever Has A Case of Jealously When Her Human Pets Stuffed Animal

Sadie the Golden Retriever Gets Jealous When Her Human Pets a Stuffed Animal.

Animals like humans get jealous and their reaction can often be hilarious. Like this one time where a dog was so jealous that he couldn’t get a treat for saying ‘mama’ that he beat the baby to it and said ‘mama’ first instead.

A golden retriever named Sadie isn’t thrilled to see her human petting and speaking to a stuffed animal. After feeling betrayed and letting her owner know by her facial expression, she’s had enough and lunges at the stuffed animal.

Watch Sadie the golden retriever letting her human know that there can only be one good girl! 🙂

After chewing on the stuffed toy, Sadie realizes that it is only a plush dog. Thankfully, her demeanor changes and she looks playful while playing with the plush dog. It was only in good fun and her owner loves Sadie very much. If you want to see more photos and videos of Sadie, she has her own Instagram account!

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