This Pet Rat Won’t Eat His Broccoli and Does Not Tolerate Having It in His House

Dexter the Rat Hates Broccoli and Doesn't Want It in His House.

Of all the animals in the world, you would assume rats would eat anything but not Dexter the rat. When his human tries to feed him a piece of broccoli, he quickly picks it up and throws it out of his house.

Even after numerous attempts, he doesn’t tolerate having broccoli near him and doesn’t want anything to do with it! Does he want it with a little melted cheese on top?

Dexter the rat hates broccoli…


Dexter doesn’t like his vegetables and it’s hilarious how he doesn’t even want it near him. Please share this cute video showcasing how much Dexter the rat hates broccoli with your family and friends.

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