They Compared a Big Mac and a Whopper to Find Out Which Is Healthier. Even THEY Were Surprised…

Rhett and Link Burger Showdown Big Mac VS Whopper.

I love both McDonald’s and Burger King because they’ve been such a huge part of my childhood. I have fond memories of having lunch with my parents before a shopping trip at the mall or after church on Sundays.

Today, the Big Mac and Whopper are iconic sandwiches that often get labeled as unhealthy options but like anything in this world, it’s all about moderation. To determine which is healthier, Rhett and Link of Good Mythical Morning decided to have a burger showdown between McDonald’s Big Mac and Burger King’s Whopper sandwich. Their findings may surprise you when it comes to calories, fat, and sodium in a Big Mac or Whopper.

Watch this Big Mac vs Whopper burger showdown to find out which is healthier?


Surprisingly, the Big Mac was the winner in all 3 categories with 530 calories, 27 grams of fat, and 960 grams of sodium. Considering that one serving of Caesar salad has more fat and calories than these 10 fast food burgers, the Big Mac’s nutritional value is good considering it’s a fast food burger. The whopper clocks in at 660 calories, 40 grams of fat, and 980 grams of sodium but it does have slightly more meat than a Big Mac (4 ounces compared to 3.2 ounces).

What’s the takeaway? The occasional treat at McDonald’s or Burger King is not as bad as most people think. Please share this Big Mac vs Whopper burger smackdown to find out which is healthier with your friends and family.

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