These Guys Make Removing Snow From a Roof Look Easy!

Let’s face it, Canada gets a lot of snow, and Canadians aren’t afraid of it. In fact, there are a LOT of heavy snowfalls in many parts of the country each year. New Brunswick residents have seen their share of snow this year and homeowners know that snow buildup on a roof can be dangerous. It’s important to remove huge amounts of snow as soon as possible because the weight of the snow could damage a roof or even cause it to collapse.

These Guys Make Removing Snow From a Roof Look Easy!

Northern New Brunswick has had a lot of snow and this group was looking for an easy way to remove snow from their roof. Climbing on a roof during winter is dangerous (in other words, do not attempt this at home!) and should be left to professionals; however, “work smarter not harder”, is the motto of this household. They ingeniously engineered a way of removing snow from their roof by only using a rope and their truck! Watch their video as they make a clean sweep and clear 4 feet of snow off their garage roof in only 30 seconds!

Watch the right way to remove snow from a roof!


It’s great when ingenious ideas work out and in this case, it was a great way to get the job done. If you love Canada as much as I do, don’t forget to check out the Canadian memes!

Here are some of my favorite YouTube comments from the video, “The Right Way to Remove Snow From a Roof” by ViralHog:

  1. “Scary lol now if I was up there some how I would fall instead of the snow lol.” – amythest503
  2. “Now what if that line snapped?! That would leave quite the mark…” – Marie Bourn
  3. “Satisfying.” – Suprema Azurea
  4. “Very good Idea.” – Menik12

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