These 15 People Had the Perfect Responses When Their Text Message Was Ignored

Texting is great because it is a quick and discreet way of communicating with someone and perfect for when you’re in meeting or in a noisy environment. Of course, it’s only convenient if the person you are texting has their phone handy because it is frustrating when people don’t text back.

When somebody leaves you hanging, you can be subtle or you can get straight to the point like in these 15 perfect text responses when people don’t text back.

1) They were busy.

2) Annoyed? The meme says it all…

3) I think this person will be waiting a long time for that essay.

4) Playing the sarcastic text card usually never works.

5) And playing the guilt card doesn’t work either when people don’t text back.

6) Hello? Hello?

15 People With Ignored Text Messages When People Don't Text Back - Hello? Hello?

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7) In this day and age, you would think.

8) Yeah. Adorable.

9) Now we’re listening.

10) Breaking the ice with humor.

11) I see a lot of sarcasm.

12) Unfriended.

13) He probably wishes he didn’t signup for cat facts.

14) When in doubt, have a conversation with yourself!

15) I don’t think they’ll text back.

In today’s microwave society, we want everything “right now” and that includes responses to our text messages. Is that too much too ask? 🙂 If you liked these text messages, here are 22 text messages from parents and their children.

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