21 Animals and Their Young Showing What Family Is All About, Love.

Every animal on earth is capable of loving and caring and the animals in the following photos prove it. These animals taking care of their young will melt your heart by how cute they are.

Just like humans, they will do everything to protect their young including risking their lives if their offspring are in danger. Please enjoy these wonderful photos of animals in nature being the cute parents that they are.

1) Opossum mother and her young.


2) Mother swan takes her cygnets under her wings.


3) Polar bear playing with her cub.


4) A father bird protecting his young.


5) Mother giraffe having a moment with her calf.


6) A tiny fox playing with his dad.


7) A grizzly bear swimming with her cub.


8) A beautiful lioness tickling her smiling cub.


9) Baby elephant hugging her older brother.


10) Mother sea otter and her adorable baby.


11) A stunning bird sharing some motherly love with her young.


12) Two lionesses watching over an adorable little cub.


13) Young plover birds sheltered by their mother.


14) Mother hippo swimming with her new calf.


15) A tiny grass mouse enjoying a snack with mommy.


16) Baby alligators spending time with mom.

21 Animals and Their Young - Baby alligators spending time with mom.

Udayan Rao Pawar


17) Adult penguins huddling together to shelter their young from the cold wind.

21 Animals and Their Young - Adult penguins huddling together to shelter their young from the cold wind.

Frederique Olivier / John Downer Productions


18) A baby tiger getting a kiss from mom.


19) A cute bear cub spending the day with his dad.


20) A baby pangolin taking a rest on his mommy.


21) A grizzly mom getting a kiss from her adorable cub.

H/t: Bored Panda

Animals learn to be great parents by channeling their primal instincts but they also learn a few tricks along the way. If you liked these photos, here are 20 more animals that show what family is all about in the animal kingdom.

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