He Only Sung a Few Words but the Audience and Judges Were Already Cheering for Him

Charly Luske Sings "This Is a Man's World" on The Voice of Holland.

It’s unthinkable how much talent exists across the world and how much of it goes unnoticed. But thanks to talent shows and television programs like The Voice and American Idol, talented singers can share their incredible voice with the world.

Charly Luske was a contestant on the second season of ‘The Voice of Holland’ and his audition couldn’t have gone better. He only sung a few words from James Brown classic song “It’s a Man’s World” and all the judges instantly turned their chairs and wanted to work with him and audience couldn’t stop cheering.


I just loved the reaction of the judges during his performance, they were in complete awe. Please share this incredible performance by Charles Luske on The Voice of Holland with your friends and family.

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