A Couple Bought a Home but Their Sons Later Made a Terrifying Discovery. Now, I Won’t Sleep Tonight. OMG!

I’m sure many people have horror stories about buying a home or about moving into a bad apartment but nothing compares to this. When a family purchased a home that was built in the early 2000′, they never expected that this would happen.

It all started when the two sons were playing in their parent’s room and one of them accidentally pushed the other against a bookshelf. The bookshelf moved and exposed a secret passage that you won’t believe was there.

The family purchased the home sometime in 2012 but the home was built in the early 2000s.

The two boys were messing around in their parent’s room and one of them pushed the other into the bookshelf. One portion of the bookshelf dislodged itself and revealed an opening.

Upon closer inspection, they found a staircase.

It was a spiral staircase and it seemed to go on forever but eventually led into a wall.

Halfway down, they discovered a crawl space and decided to enter it. They are braver than I am!

Inside, they found that someone was living inside their walls. Yes, INSIDE THEIR WALLS!! They left candy wrappers, dolls, and other strange items.

A strange carved wooden elephant was found underneath the white blanket.

They also found a strange key but had no idea what it was meant to open.

And the creepiest find of all. They found these dolls scattered across the floor.

Is it just me or are the doll’s eyes extremely creepy? OMG!

H/t: ViralNova

What is even more disturbing is that to enter or exit the small room, he or she would have needed to enter through the homeowner’s master bedroom. Also, the candy wrappers found on the floor is their Halloween candy and it was only kept in their kid’s room.

Now, I have no idea how I’m going to fall asleep tonight! Please share this bizarre story of a family living with a stranger inside their walls with your friends and family.

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