Deaf 15-Year-Old Boy Has Never Had a Conversation Until a Teacher Changed His Life

Deaf 15-Year-Old Has Never Had a Conversation in His Life.

Imagine spending 15 years of your life in isolation not being able to hear anything around you and unable to speak. For one Uganda teen, Patrick Otema, this was a daily reality and he is not alone as many deaf people in his remote village had no sign language schools until now.

Channel 4 featured Raymond Okkelo, a sign language teacher that wanted to help and he provided one of the best gifts in this community. You can truly see the difference he has made in only one session and the smile he brought to Patrick’s face says it all.


As humans, we are social creatures and we all have a desire to communicate and now this is possible for Patrick and so many other deaf people in this remote village in Uganda. The organization that made this all possible is SignHealth and you can read more about Patrick’s story on their website.

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