If You’re a First, Middle, Last, or Only Child, the Order Can Affect Your Personality More Than You Think

Birth Order Can Affect Your Personality More Than You Think.
YouTube / AsapTHOUGHT


There are tons of things in life we can control but the order in which we were born isn’t one of them, obviously. Whether you’re a first, middle, last, or only child, how you relate to your siblings and parents later in life can be linked to when you were born.

Some Psychologists believe that our sibling personality differences are formed by our birth order. It is also believed that children with large age gaps (6 or more years) tend to take on the personalities of only children.

Generally, it is believed that:

  • Firstborns are high achievers but can be bossy.
  • Middle children are easy going but secretive.
  • Lastborns are creative but financially irresponsible.
  • Only children are mature leaders but demanding.

YouTubers AsapTHOUGHT tries to answer the question of whether birth order does affect personality and offer some interesting theories.


How do you feel about the latest research indicating that our personalities are linked to our birth order. Please share this interest video with your friends and family.

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