Tears Under a Microscope Look Different Depending on How You Are Feeling

If you think that all tears are created equal, you’ll be surprised by how different and unique they actually are. Rose-Lynn Fisher wondered how her tears would look depending on how she felt or what feeling triggered an emotional response.

Her project entitled ‘The Topography of Tears‘ has been been featured in galleries and other websites. She has captured through photography how different tears are depending on whether we have tears of joy, sorrow, grief, or simply tears from chopping onions.

Tears of timeless reunion


Tears of hope and possibility


Tears of laughter to the point of crying


Tears of momentum


Tears of elation at a liminal moment


Basal tears (the tears that naturally lubricate our eyes)


Tears of remembrance


Tears from chopping onions


Tears of change


Tears of release


Tears of grief


Tears of ending and beginning

H/t: LifeBuzz

I never could have imagined how so different tears could be until viewing Rose-Lynn Fisher’s work. Please share this interesting view of tears under a microscope with your friends and family.

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