Parrot Makes Vets Laugh During Routine Appointment

I personally own two parakeets and only bird owners understand how intelligent birds can be. While budgerigars are smart, Parrots are even smarter and their vocal skills can be impressive. Paco the parrot recently had to visit the veterinarian to get a routine wing and nail clipping. The staff quickly learned that Paco had a special skill and it had the entire staff in stitches.

Parrot Makes Vets Laugh During Routine Appointment.

Paco must live in a happy household because he has an infectious laugh that immediately makes other people laugh just by hearing it. In fact, the staff is laughing so hard, that they have a hard time getting Paco’s appointment done!

Thankfully, after the appointment, the veterinary staff took to social media to share their experience with Paco on TikTok. The video quickly went viral and has been viewed over 17 million times so far on TikTok!

Watch Paco the Parrot making everyone laugh while at the vet…


Paco came in for a wing and nail trim today and had us crying feom laughing!

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Parrots are some of the smartest animals on the planet. They can mimic human speech, do simple math, and understand complex concepts. And if you’re Paco, parrots can learn to laugh so hard that it will make anyone cry from laughter.

If you think this video is hilarious, make sure to share it on social media! Parrots are such amazing creatures and we should all appreciate them. Who knows, maybe Paco will inspire you to get a parrot of your own!

Their incredible intelligence makes them perfect pets for caring owners as they’ve been kept as pets for centuries. Parrots are also incredibly social creatures and love to interact with their human families; however, they can get very loud. If you live in an apartment or love your quiet time, you may want to think twice before getting a parrot.

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