Blind and Deaf Dog Finds Friendship and Assistance from an Unlikely Friend

Blind and deaf dog finds friendship from seeing eye cat. The cat helps this blind dog who is also deaf get around.

Dogs and cats generally are not as close as these two unlikely best friends. Trevel is a blind and partially deaf chocolate Lab and he was supposedly abused by his former owners which led to his trauma. He spent most of his day lying in his doggie bed since he was afraid of bumping into things.

A stray cat named Pudditat was later adopted by Trevel’s owner and while Pudditat is a top cat and generally bullies other cats, he took a liking to Trevel. Pudditat somehow knew that Trevel had difficulties with certain things and would assist the Lab with getting around safely.

Watch this unbreakable furry bond of a cat helping a blind and deaf dog.


Animals never cease to amaze me with their kindness and unselfish love. Please share this story of a cat that helps a blind and deaf dog with your friends and family.

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