She Was Wakeboarding When Something Appeared out of the Water. She Is so Lucky!

Woman Wakeboards with Dolphins In Mexico's Sea of Cortez.

When you’re out on the ocean, you never know what to expect. One woman wakeboarding off the coast of off Baja California, Mexico, got the surprise of her life. As she was wakeboarding on the infamous ‘Sea of Cortez’, she noticed a dolphin pod around her that just continued to grow in size.

Professional windsurfer Wyatt Miller was driving the boat and you can tell by his reaction that he couldn’t believe it either. Being in the presence of such a large school of dolphins is a once in a lifetime opportunity and it is so amazing to watch.

Watch this woman wakeboarding with dolphins in the Sea of Cortez…


Mexico’s ‘Sea of Cortez’ is referred to as the ‘World’s Aquarium’ by the late Jacques Cousteau. The experience that this woman had while surfing there is something she will remember for the rest of her life. Please share this incredible video of a woman wakeboarding with dolphins with your friends and family.

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