Ultrasounds Showed Their Baby Had No Heartbeat for 3 Weeks. Then THIS Happened…

Miracle Baby was Born Thanks to Couple's Faith and Determination.

Candace and Dennis Gaines had two beautiful children but wanted another child. They were ecstatic when Candace learned she was pregnant with their third child. Everything seemed to be going fine until Candace started getting cramps after 8 weeks and went to see her doctor.

After an ultrasound, they learned that their baby had no heartbeat; therefore, their doctor suggested they go to the hospital to get a second opinion. They went to the hospital to get an ultrasound but doctors gave the same diagnosis, a fetal demise. Unconvinced that this was a miscarriage, they went home and prayed and decided to get a second ultrasound a few days later. Unfortunately, there was still no activity but the couple was unfazed and went home again to pray.

Two weeks later, their doctor told them they should get a procedure to remove the fetus but Dennis had one last request, to check the baby’s heartbeat one more time. When the doctor performed the ultrasound one more time, he could see a heartbeat and knew it was nothing short of a miracle!

Watch Candace and Dennis Gaines’ miracle baby story…


Today, their daughter Grace is a healthy child that is full of life all thanks to their faith and determination. Please share how this miracle baby has changed the lives of this lovely family with your friends and family.

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