This Couple Has Been Married for 56 Years and When They Are Asked to Describe Their Love, You’ll Cry

This Couple Has Been Married for 56 Years - Meaning of Love.

Valentine’s Day isn’t the only time we should express our love. Instead, we should tell our loved ones what they mean to us every chance we get. Hallmark created a social project called ‘Put your heart to paper’ where they ask couples to go beyond the words ‘I Love You’.

In the video, a couple that have been married for 56 years were asked to describe their feelings without using the word ‘love’ and their responses were touching. Only 3 days after they met, Bob knew he wanted to spend his life with his wife Kim. Their marriage is still going strong after 56 years and it’s wonderful.

Watch Bob and Kim explain their love for each other in Hallmark’s ‘Put your heart to paper’ series…


This couple shows us that love gets only gets stronger with every passing year. Please share this touching video with everyone you love.

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